Australian Book and Magazine Ratings

The aim of this page is to provide an explanation of what you can and cannot expect to find in our Book and Magazine Censorship Database.



Books and magazines the database does contain

Every books and magazine that has been banned by the Australian Censor since 2006. The eventual aim is to cover items pre-2006.


Books and magazines that have been confiscated by the Australian Customs Service (ACS). Some of these may also have been Refused Classification by the Australian Censors, whilst others were decided by Customs themselves. The only way to document these titles is information supplied by you. If customs have taken a book or magazine of yours, then send the details in for inclusion in the database.


Books and magazines that were the subject of controversy, but not censorship. These include films such as ART MONTHLY #211 and KILLING ME SOFTLY. We have attempted to separate those titles that were unofficially censored, or just plain controversial, by marking next to them with an *.



Books and magazines the database does not contain

Magazines such as THE PICTURE PREMIUM and HOOTERS that are often modified to achieve lower ratings.

For example, THE PICTURE PREMIUM is produced in two versions. The aim is to get an Unrestricted rating and a Category 1 rating. From time to time, the Unrestricted issue receives a Category 1, and the Category 1 issue receives a Category 2, or even an RC-rating. The publisher then modifies the proof print, and resubmits until Unrestricted and Category 1 ratings are achieved.

This kind of censorship is very common, and numerous examples can be found in the Classification Board's database.



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