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Bet and Zak

Author Charles Kevin / Published by Anthos Publishing Company / 2006 / Australia

BET AND ZAK is a novel written by Charles Kevin, an 82-year-old author from Caboolture in Queensland. The book describes sex between a mother and her son.

To promote BET AND ZAK and its follow up, SIBLING LOVE, Charles Kevin sent 530 copies of the books to libraries around Australia.

In October 2008, a women's group called WISH (Women, Inspiring, Sharing, Humour) complained to the Queensland's Logan Hyperdome library regarding them stocking the two books. Their concerns were ignored until The Courier Mail ran a story in January 2009.



Queensland libraries forced to ditch unclassified books, January 20, 2009

Brisbane and Logan libraries yanked copies of Sibling Love and Bet and Zak after being alerted by The Courier-Mail. They admitted staff hadn't evaluated them thoroughly.

Interviewed at his home yesterday, Mr Kevin, 82, was pleased with his work.

"Basically there's a lot of perverted sex in them. People love them," he said. "They are checked out all the time.

"Nobody knocked them back. I got quite a lot of correspondence thanking me for sending the books."

But Mrs Gibson said the public needed to be protected from self-published authors with destructive motives.

"His biggest aim is he wants fame at any costs. The only message in it is that incest is OK," she said.

A Brisbane City Council spokesman said Sibling Love had been binned, but Bet and Zak was only removed yesterday.

Defending his books, Mr Kevin claimed mother and son sex was a common female fantasy and he saw nothing wrong with siblings having sex.

"It is probably safer for a brother and sister to have sex these days than to go around having sex with other people."

The federal Classification Board said it wasn't asked to evaluate the books but was now seeking more information.

A Logan spokeswoman said library policies were being revised to flag self-published books without classifications.



Interview with Charles Kevin

Pornographic books pulled from library shelves / January 20, 2009

NICOLE BUTLER: Charles Kevin used to be a speech writer for Queensland's ultra-conservative former premier Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen.

The Hungarian born 82-year-old has since turned to writing novels; explicit, pornographic ones.

CHARLES KEVIN: Well I would describe them as brief to the point and concentrating on action and full of sex. It's got sex in it that you could call perverted or decadent.

NICOLE BUTLER: Mr Kevin's novels centre on incestuous relations between mother and son, brother and sister.

He believes mother-son sex is a common fantasy among women and he sees nothing wrong with siblings making love.

Mr Kevin says he's proud of his work.

CHARLES KEVIN: I have enjoyed doing it and they have been successful, they are in 500 odd libraries throughout Australia.

NICOLE BUTLER: The Queensland author has published his books himself and he's donated two of them to libraries

Now some libraries in his home state are scrambling to remove "Bet and Zac" and "Sibling Love".

Mr Kevin says someone's suddenly made a fuss about the subject matter four years after the first book hit the shelves.

CHARLES KEVIN: Everybody read it and in the central library for example in Caboolture where my wife goes to borrow books for herself to read, she checks on my books and they're out all the time after four years they keep reading it. Partly because it's large print and all people have got nothing better to do.

NICOLE BUTLER: The former journalist says in a democratic Australia he should be free to write what he wants to and other adults should be free to read what they choose.

Mr Kevin says some explicit works should be available in libraries because not everyone can afford to buy them.

CHARLES KEVIN: All of those books of mine while they are you can say decadent and pornographic and perverted maybe, none of them are anti-female, they're mainly anti-male therefore women like to read it.

NICOLE BUTLER: The controversial author says librarians should monitor who's borrowing adult books.

But Jan Richards from the Australian Library and Information Association say public librarians don't believe in practicing censorship.

JAN RICHARDS: We believe that people should be able to read what they want to read with a degree of privacy. However the issue of children accessing inappropriate material is a very real one and we all have systems in place whereby we would stop a child from taking something that was inappropriate, but at the same time we think that there is a very important role for parents to play.

NICOLE BUTLER: The vice president of ALIA says it's unlikely that all of the libraries holding Mr Kevin's novels will pull them from the shelves.

JAN RICHARDS: Now it depends on how they feel it fits in with their own community.

ASHLEY HALL: The vice president of the Australian Library and Information Association, Jan Richards ending Nicole Butler's report.



SIBLING LOVE and BET AND ZAK called in by the Classification Board

A submittable publication is a title that would likely be rated Category 1, 2, or RC. If the Director of the Classification Board believes a title may match this definition, then he may request the publisher submit it for classification.

Following the controversy, the Department of Justice and the Attorney General requested that both BET AND ZAK and SIBLING LOVE be called in for rating.


This is the letter that Donald McDonald sent to Charles Kevin to 'call in' BET AND ZAK.


Australian Government
Classification Board

Donald McDonald AC Director

Mr Charles Kevin
Anthos Publishing Company
xx xxxxxx Street

Dear Mr Kevin

Notice to submit publication for classification within three days.

I am writing to advise you that I have reviewed the following publication and that you are now required to submit an application for classification of this publication within three business days.

Title: Bet and Zac
Year published: 2006
Author Charles Kevin
Australian publisher/distributor: Anthos Publishing Company
Number of pages: 131 (Front and Back covers included in page count)
Country of origin: Australia
ISBN: 0909803 07 2
Modifications/comments: No modifications

Under sub-section 9A(1) of the Classification of Publications Act 1991 (Qld), if:

(a) the director or the publications classification officer reasonably believes a publication is a submittable publication; and

(b) it is being published in the State, or the director or the publications classification officer reasonably believes it will be published in the Slate;

the director or the publications classification officer may, by written notice given to its publisher, require the publisher to submit an application for classification of the publication, or its subsequent issues, by the board

'Submittable publication' is defined in section 5 of the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (Cth) (the Classification Act) to mean:

an unclassified publication that, having regard to section 9A or to the Code and the classification guidelines to the extent that they relate to publications, contains depictions or descriptions that:

(a) are likely to cause the publication to be classified RC; or

(b) are likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult to the extent that the publication should not be sold or displayed as an unrestricted publication; or

(c) are unsuitable for a minor to see or read, 'Publish' is defined in section 5 of the Classification Act to include 'sell, offer for sale, let on hire, exhibit, display, distribute and demonstrate'.

It is an offence in Queensland to advertise, sell or distribute a prohibited publication: s 12 of the Classification of Publications Act 199! (Qld).

I have reasonable grounds to believe the above named publication is a submittable publication and I believe it has been published in Queensland.

I have therefore decided to issue this notice requiring the publisher lo submit an application for classification of the publication.

Information about how to apply, including the application form and fees, is available at You may also wish to contact David Emery, the Applications Manager, on (02) 9289 7100.

It is an offence not to comply within three business days after receiving this notice.

A notice of my decision will be published in the Commonwealth Gazette.

Your Sincerely
Donald McDonald
4 February 2009



The letter sent for SIBLING LOVE was the same, apart from the following description.

Title: Sibling Love
Year published: 2006
Author Charles Kevin
Australian publisher/distributor: Anthos Publishing Company
Number of pages: 163 (Front and Back covers included in page count)
Country of origin: Australia
ISBN: 0909803 102
Modifications/comments: No modifications



The Classification Board on incest book ban

In March 2009, both BET AND ZAK, and SIBLING LOVE were banned in Australia.


Donald McDonald 
Director's Overview 
Annual Report 2008-2009 

It also became apparent from the purchasing of these adult publications that many of the publications had not been classified. The Director has the power to call in publications for classification where reasonable grounds exist to believe that an unclassified publication is a submittable publication, being published in an Australian jurisdiction. I called in the publications that were unclassified. If a distributor did not comply with a call in notice, the Department was asked to advise law enforcement agencies.

During the reporting period, I also called in other publications which came to my attention. These publications were ….. two books featuring offensive incest fantasies


RC (Refused Classification) 
Annual Report 2008-2009

Publications classified RC cannot be sold or displayed in Australia. During the reporting period, of the total of 180 publications classified, five publications were classified RC .

Three publications called in for classification during the reporting period were classified RC . These publications were the novels Sibling Love and Bet and Zak. The novels were classified RC because they contained numerous descriptions of incest and offensive descriptions of persons under 18 years.


Annual Report 2008-2009

The Director of the Classification Board also called in the novels Bet and Zak and Sibling Love by Charles Kevin following a complaint by a member of the public that these novels contained highly offensive material.



Behind the ban

In September 2010, the daughter of Charles Kevin published MALICIOUS MINDS. In it, she writes how it was her who campaigned to have the books banned.

Malicious Minds
by Anniko Kevin
2010, paperback, 40 pages

The author battles against community apathy as she struggles to remove books promoting depravity from over five hundred public libraries in Australia. The paperbacks are the self-published creations of her father. Eventually, the media is approached, resulting in the literature being banned.

Then, in a bizarre twist, the author is accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour after she befriends a psychologist with malicious intentions.





Busty Beauties

aka Hustler Busty Beauties

Published by OBT Publications / USA

In June 2008, a 96-page edition of BUSTY BEAUTIES #61 (May 2008) was banned by the Classification Board.


BUSTY BEAUTIES at the Classification Board

This was the first issue of BUSTY BEAUTIES to be banned in Australia. The submission prior to this was in October 2005, when a modified version of BUSTY BEAUTIES #25 was passed with a Category 1 rating.


The magazine was originally launched in 1988, as HUSTLER BUSTY BEAUTIES, and has been rated either Category 1 or 2 by the censors. Many of the previous classifications are listed as being 'Modified' before submission. This presumably means that the distributor tore out any pages that they suspected of being a problem.


Busty Beauties #61 - May 2008 - Magazine



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