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Age of Consent

Directed by Michael Powell / 1969 / Australia / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Not Suitable for Children' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.

In Australia, AGE OF CONSENT surprisingly received a family friendly 'Not Suitable for Children' rating. This was despite it containing more sex and nudity than any film previously passed, even those with the higher SOA 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

The film did not have as much luck overseas; loosing six minutes of footage and being rescored. America threatened an X-rating before the bedroom scene was removed, while the British censor cut some of the nudity and the bedroom scene.

Even today, the subject matter of an underage girl's sexual awakening as she poses naked for an aged artist, who initially sees her as his muse, then as a woman, would be problematic. None of this seemed to bother our censors as long as Cora's (Helen Mirren) pubic hair was kept out of view.

The newspapers at the time reported that 1-second had been removed to mask a flash of Helen Mirren's pubic hair. I saw it in 1969, and the obvious jump cut resulting from the censorship alerted the audience as to where the offending few frames had loitered.

Times taken from the 106:23 (NTSC) US DVD release.
The Director's Choice: The Films of Michael Powell: Director's Cut (This is the version screened in Australia)

89:27 – 00:01 cut: A naked Cora reaches down to pick up a towel to dry herself revealing a quick flash of pubic hair. In the Australian theatrical version, she walked up to the towel and bent down before suddenly standing with it covering her as a loud popping noise blasted the soundtrack.

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Age of Consent (1969) - Daybill



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