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Directed by Georges Lautner / 1966 / France-Italy / IMDb  

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
The Australian censors made only one cut before passing GALIA with a 'Suitable Only for Adults' rating.

67:02 - 00:24 cut: Mireille Darc removes her top, before jumping into bed with her boyfriend. Her breasts are shown in close up.

I saw the film as a support at the drive-in around 1969 and assume the version that I saw was the 1966 approved version. The SOA cut played TV in late 1970 and again in 1971 and 72.

GALIA is a black and white mid-60s sexy offering that featured a lot of discrete torso baring by Mireille Darc. It was promoted in 1966 Australia as the "European Nude Version". Ms Darc showers or changes her clothes every 5-minutes, which I am sure helped it at the box office. Most of these scenes only tease before getting coy at the crucial moment. While the film has a free spirited sexuality, the actual nudity is very fleeting.





The Game Is Over

Directed by Roger Vadim / 1966 / France-Italy / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
Before starring in her husband's film, BARBARELLA (1968), Jane Fonda appeared in two other Vadim projects.

While on home soil, she presented as wholesome in American films like CAT BALLOU (1965) and BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (1967), across the sea she did her French sex kitten thing with Vadim's LA RONDE (1964) and THE GAME IS OVER. The latter received a lot of publicity when Fonda sued Playboy for printing Paparazzi type black and white nudes of her, taken by a hidden photographer secreted in the rafters while she filmed a long semi-nude erotic sequence with her cinematic step-son (Peter McEnery) in a heated grotto.

While topless for three prolonged sequences, much of the footage is a tease with just a few flashes here and there of any real exposure. Our ever-loving censors were not happy at all and applied their scissors so that just the tease was left. While there may be others, I can attest to the following cuts:

17:11 – 00:05 cut: Fonda twirling topless behind transparent curtain.

17:23 – 00:01 cut: Flash of bare breast.

19:03 - 01:17 cut: Sequence beginning with a view of a topless Fonda followed by a distorted reflection in a mirror of their lovemaking.

25:56 – 00:20 cut: Tracking shot of Peter McEnery putting his hand under his stepmother's tee shirt and groping her breast as he kisses her.

At 26:16 begins the "grotto sequence" where most of the publicity stills are from, including the Playboy shots mentioned above, mainly taken during an undressed rehearsal for the scene. The sequence runs for 03:45. While some views of their coy love making were censored, the only shot I can definitely identify now as being censored is:

26:56 – 00:08 cut Fonda and McEnery talking, with Fonda's dressing gown open showing her breasts.

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The Game is Over (1966) - Daybill





Girl Who Knew Too Much

Directed by Francis D. Lyon / 1969 / USA / IMDb

Information provided by Shane Harrison from viewing of "Chipp's reel".
See database entry for THE BABYSITTER (1969) for background.
Censored footage 00:40

A fist fight.





Goodbye Columbus

Directed by Larry Peerce / 1969 / USA / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.

66:10 - 00:17 cut: Ali MacGraw and Richard Benjamin are in bed rolling around discretely naked with the sheets covering them from the waist down. MacGraw rolls on top of Benjamin and the scene is cut from then. They only tickle, giggle and talk while she's in that position but obviously the censors found it too suggestive.

71:16 - 00:30 cut: Again a bedroom scene cut the moment MacGraw gets on top. It cut from them lying facing each other in bed to her suddenly jumping out on the opposite side of the bed running naked to the shower having miraculously jumped over Benjamin. The censor didn't seem to approve of women taking the dominant position even if it was just rolling around post coitus.

The version of the film released for home entertainment is more tightly cropped than that originally screened at the drive-in back at the time. Ali MacGraw's breasts were exposed at the bottom of the screen during her topless run to the pool at 50:36 and also during her shower scene with Richard Benjamin at 71:50. The shower scene was considered daring enough at the time for Playboy magazine to comment on it and Ali's nudity. The extreme tight cropping on TV, VHS and DVD removes this exposure.





The Graduate

Directed by Mike Nichols / 1967 / USA / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.

While there may be others, I can attest to two cuts.

42:48 - 00:07 cut: While swimming in a pool, Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) jumps onto a floating air mattress. The scene cuts to him landing on top of Mrs Robinson, mounting her in bed. Benjamin's father speaks to him from poolside and suddenly he is answering from back on the floating air mattress. The jump cut of him mounting Mrs Robinson was removed.

60:23 - 00:44 cut: Benjamin takes Elaine (Katharine Ross) to a San Francisco strip joint. The cut starts as the stripper undoes her bra. In the Australian release as soon as the bra becomes loose Elaine flees from the nightclub with Benjamin in hot pursuit. Missing was the striptease dancer removing her bra and doing an amazing tassel twirl. She eventually focuses on Elaine, who she humiliates by twirling her tassels above her head like helicopter blades.

The massively popular THE GRADUATE was released in Australia during the second half of 1968. The barracuda like Mrs Robinson and gormless Benjamin played our cinemas for many months, cementing the iconic soundtrack into our collective heads. This release and that of BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967) heralded a new era for Hollywood films, connecting with the youth in ways the Production Code had not previously permitted.

It was reclassified with an M-rating in May 1975.

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The Graduate (1967) - Three sheet poster



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