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The Killing of Sister George

Directed by Robert Aldrich / 1968 / USA / IMDb

Information provided by Shane Harrison from viewing of "Chipp's reel".
See database entry for THE BABYSITTER (1969) for background.
Censored footage 03:05

The ending seduction completely removed after Susannah York's dress is undone by Coral Browne.


Here is Don Chipp speaking in parliament following the screening.

Ministerial Statement
Mr CHIPP (Hotham—Minister for Customs and Excise)
House of Representatives
Thursday, 11 June 1970

Community standards are most difficult to define. In fact, one may ask whether 'community standards' exist at all. Are they representative of the standards of the entire adult population or are they a broad assessment of what people believe to be right?

Let me quote a case of film censorship to illustrate my point. In a film entitled 'THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE' there was originally an explicit lesbian love scene which ran for about 5 minutes. In Australia —as in Britain and in New Zealand—some 3 minutes were censored. Most members of the Parliament saw those 3 minutes at the film night arranged some weeks ago.

Had we been able to restrict showings of that film to over-21 audiences, there would, I believe, still have been an overwhelming vote to censor those 3 minutes of film. Yet I have to ask: Is that a correct assessment of community standards? As far as films are concerned, who should establish the standards—those who regard motion pictures as an art form, those who regard them as entertainment, or those who have other interests in the medium?

Could we reasonably suggest that those who have no interest in films at all—non-moviegoers — should have no say in the establishment of community standards on filmmaking? These are questions which must be answered if the community standards test is to mean anything, in the ensuing debate, I should like to hear the views of members on this specific point.



Information from Mike Richards's viewing of "Chipp's reel".
See database entry for THE BABYSITTER (1969) for background.

Dirty Pix
Mike Richards
Cinema Papers issue 2, April 1974
…was likewise censored unnecessarily. Three and a half minutes had come out, including the following dialogue:

"You’d look cheerful too with 50 cubic centimetres throbbing away between your legs."
"Oh, bullshit."
"It’s none of your business — go screw yourself or better still go try Mrs. Croft."


Resubmitted and passed uncut with an M-rating in December 1984.



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