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La Ronde

Directed by Roger Vadim / 1964 / France-Italy / IMDb

Original theatrical release was the clothed version, and was passed with a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
Jane Fonda's first foray into sophisticated European cinema was in Vadim's previous film, LA RONDE (1964). While I do not know how the censors treated it in Australia, I can say that two versions exist.

At 102:00, a scene takes place at a French cabaret. The dancers were filmed both topless and with their bras on. America, Britain and Australia had the clothed version, while Europe played the topless take.

On TV, the late night (Channel 9) screenings during the 1980s featured the Continental cut while all future screenings (I think on SBS) were of the clothed version.

The American VHS and DVD release are similarly of the more chaste release.

Interestingly, in the clothed version at 102:49, a close up shot of an actor reveals the dancer behind him topless for a second, this was obviously some remaining frames from the Continental cut.

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La Ronde (1964) - Daybill





Rosemary's Baby

Directed by Roman Polanski / 1969 / USA / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison
I am not aware if there were dialogue cuts, but all the visual cuts came from the famous nightmare sequence where Rosemary "dreams" of being raped by the devil.

The following length of cut was made at the stated time in the film. Times refer to an NTSC DVD.

45:46 – 00:04 cut: A view from the top of Rosemary lying on the bed looking to the back of the room. Rosemary is naked and naked devil worshippers are standing in the shadows around the bed.

46:03 - 00:05 cut: Mia Farrow's stand-in having a pentagram painted on her naked body.

46:18 - 00:03 cut: a pan up the stand-in's naked torso.

46:50 - 00:06: Rosemary having her feet tied to the ends of the bed.

47:15 - 00:14 cut: The devil stroking Rosemary's breasts and mounting her.

47:53 - 00:26 cut: Rosemary begging for forgiveness from the Bishop while the devil thrusts on top of her.

The sequence appeared to be a reconstruction as the cuts were not obvious and the scene flowed evenly. It appeared as if the camera avoided nudity and any explicit depiction of the assault as part of its style. The cut version fitted in seamlessly with the disjointed style of the dream.

I saw the "Suitable for Adults Only" version three times over a two-year period back then and did not get to see the dream sequence fully uncut until I bought a three reel 8 mm digest of the feature 10-years later. The dream sequence was uncut in the 50-minute 8mm cut down. These film digests were expensive due to the silver content of the celluloid but home entertainment was soon revolutionised by the advent of VCR. A VHS release delivered the full version to Australia in the mid-80s.


Resubmitted and passed uncut with an M-rating in May 1985.

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Rosemary's Baby (1969) - Daybill



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