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Nail Gun Massacre

Directed by Bill Leslie - Terry Lofton / 1985 / USA / IMDb

In 1991, CBL Video had an 82m videotape of NAIL GUN MASSACRE banned by the OFLC. A censored 80:03 version was passed with an R18+ (High level violence) rating in May 1991.

The cover of the CBL Video release gave a consumer advice of 'Frequent Violence', and not the 'High level violence' awarded by the OFLC. It also stated that NAIL GUN MASSACRE was 'BANNED IN THE UK'. This was incorrect, as it was never picked up for UK video distribution.



NAIL GUN MASSACRE: The censored scenes

The following is a comparison between the censored Australian CBL Video, and the uncut Dutch release from VUH Video.

It is interesting to note that many of the cuts simply reduce the length of a scene. Often, they show nothing more graphic than what has already been shown before.

'Censored at' refers to the point in the CBL Video release where there is a cut.

The amount of missing footage is from the VUH Video release.

CBL Video (Australia) - 80:03
VUH Video (Holland) - 81:48



Before - Linda says, "Stop please" as she struggles and cries.

CENSORED AT 00:45 (25s missing) - Extension of the rape scene. It contains nothing more explicit to what has been shown before.

After - The soundtrack jumps. We are shown a view of Linda's face as she screams. This is followed by a shot of Mary-Sue hanging out the washing.



Before - The Killer says, "You should never hitch a ride with a hearse unless you have died". This is followed by a shot of him pointing the nail gun.

CENSORED AT 19:43 (11s missing) - The Hitch-Hiker is shown lying on the ground holding his hand that has been shot.

After/Before - Killer saying, "You Hitch-Hikers are all alike"

CENSORED AT 19:46 (12s missing) - The Killer continues speaking "...on the road". Second shot of the Hitch-Hiker lying on the road pleading.

After - Killer stoops down next to the Hitch-Hiker and says, "Maybe we can still save ya"



Before - The Killer eye view walking through the bushes. As they part, we are shown a brief rear shot of Hal and Ann having sex against a tree.

CENSORED AT 33:28 (30s missing) - A continuation of the rear view of them having sex, followed by a side view.

After/Before - Continuation of the side view of them having sex. Hal is shot in the back of the neck. The nail gun is then shown, and a shot heard, this is followed by Ann holding her hand against her mouth.

CENSORED AT 34:57 (2s missing) - As shot of her naked breasts as she is shot in the chest.

After/Before - Another shot of the gun and the sound of it firing.

CENSORED AT 34:59 (3s missing) - Another shot of her naked breasts. The camera pans up to her holding her hand against her mouth.

After - Her body falls to the ground on top of Hal.



Before- The killer says, "Put your hands together". Shot of the gun being raised.

CENSORED AT 37:36 (5s missing) - Ben's hands being shot with the nail gun.

After - Ben hugging the tree and saying, "God why me"



Before- Killer says, "There is one person you didn't leave smiling". He then shoots twice.

CENSORED AT 47:42 (7s missing) - Shot of Carpenter 1 with two nails in his face as he slides to the ground.

After/Before - The Killer talks to C2 about the rape. He eventually says, "The party is over". C2 begins to sink to the ground after being shot.

CENSORED AT 49:12 (12s missing) - He continues sliding to the ground. This is followed by another shot of the body of C1.

After - Shot of the Killer as he says "Bye, Bye".



Before - The Killer says to the girl, "I'm sorry, you just don't understand". He then shoots the gun twice.

CENSORED AT 58:36 (8s missing) - Shot of the girl laying on the car bleeding.

After - Shot of the Killer lowering his gun.


Nail Gun Massacre - CBL Video [au] VHS





Naked are the Cheaters

Directed by Bob Augustus / 1970 / USA / IMDb

In November 1974, a 2334.00-meter (85:04) print of NAKED ARE THE CHEATERS was censored by 70.6-meters (02:34) for an R-rating. The cuts were made to remove 'indecency'.

Blake Film was the applicant.

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Naked are the Cheaters (1970) - Blake Films [au] Daybill





The Naked Cage

Directed by Paul Nicholas / 1986 / USA / IMDb

A 98m print of THE NAKED CAGE was banned in 1986 for reasons of 'gratuitous sexual violence'.

In May 1986, Hoyts Distribution eventually received an R-rating for a censored 90:09 videotape.

The censored version of THE NAKED CAGE was released on the RCA/Columbia label.



THE NAKED CAGE: The censored footage

The missing footage is as follows.

Smiley and Ruby
24:30 - (00:53 cut) Smiley jumps on top of Ruby, there is a struggle and he subdues her. The scene ends with him saying, "Now you're going to get it"


Smiley and Michel

57:10 - (01:51 cut) Smiley rips off Michel's blouse exposing her breasts; he then takes down her underwear. She fights back, breaking his nose, and then beating him unconscious.


The Naked Cage - RCA-Columbia Video [au] VHS





Naked Came the Stranger

Directed by Radley Metzger / 1975 / USA / IMDb

In October 1976, a 2279.40-meter (83:05) print of NAKED CAME THE STRANGER was banned because of 'indecency'. A 1923.20-meter (70:06) 'reconstructed version' lost a further 6.50-meter (00:14) before it was awarded an R-rating in October 1977.

In both cases, Regent Trading Enterprises was the applicant.



Australian Video releases

K&C Video a censored 67:40 version on tape in the early 1980s.

In May 1990, Capital Duplicators had an 83m videotape of NAKED CAME THE STRANGER passed with an X18+ (Contains sexually explicit material).

The same rating was awarded again in August 1997, this time to a 73m videotape. The AXIS Group was the applicant.


Naked Came the Stranger (1975) - K&C Video [au] VHS





Naked Magic

aka Mondo Magic

Directed by Alfredo Castiglioni - Angelo Castiglioni - Guido Guerrasio / 1974 / Italy / IMDb

In July 1976, a 2660.71-meter (96:59) print of NAKED MAGIC was banned because of 'indecent and excessive violence'.

The following month, a successful appeal was made to the Films Board of Review. They overturned the ban, and passed it with an R-rating. 20th Century Fox released the film theatrically.



Australian DVD of NAKED MAGIC

A bootleg Australian DVD MONDO MAGIC was released around 2005. It had the same cover as the censored US Woodhaven Entertainment DVD, so was presumably a direct copy. It was not rated by the OFLC, so the  R18+ (High level violence, Nudity, Adult themes) classification was fake.

The company behind this disc also duped Woodhaven’s releases of MONDO CANE (1962) and MONDO CANE 2 (1963).



The Castiglioni twins and Australian censor

Other mondo movies by Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni had problems in Australia.

In January 1971, their SECRET AFRICA (1969) lost over five minutes of 'indecency' for an SOA rating, and in 1985, THE LAST SAVAGE PART 2 (1982) was banned because of violence.



MONDO MAGIC: The censored Woodhaven DVD

Review by Matt
It is hard to believe that MONDO MAGIC gained an uncut R-rating in Australia. It is heavy going, but a fascinating watch.

The Italian tape from De Laurentiis Riccordi Video goes under the title MAGIA NUDA, and runs 92:05. This compares with 83:06 for the US DVD from Intermedia Video/Woodhaven Entertainment.

The Woodhaven DVD censored quite a bit of footage, most of it sexual. Around the 75m point, it is missing the entire sequence of the couple having sex on their wedding night, and the close-up examination of the woman. The tribal ceremony where they dance with wooden phalluses is also cut.


The Mondo Research Laboratories blog has an in-depth comparison between the two versions.

Mondo Magic - Intermedia/Woodhaven vs De Laurentiis Ricordi, May 24, 2012

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Naked Magic (1974) - 20th Century Fox [au] Daybill     Naked Magic (1974) - No name label [au] VHS





Naked Vengeance

Directed by Cirio H. Santiago / 1985 / USA / IMDb

This film has never had problems with the Australian censors. It is included because the distributor released a censored print.


In March 1986, Outland Promotions had a 74:26 videotape of NAKED VENGEANCE passed with an R-rating. This was released on the Vestron Video label.

The print that was submitted was the U.S. R-rated version, which significantly toned down the rape scene and the violence. It is likely that the softer version was submitted to avoid problems with the Australian censors.

Some evidence of what was missing could be found on the back on the Vestron Video cover. It shows a picture of the castrated rapist standing by a tree, with blood covering his chest. This scene is from the uncut version, and does not appear in the Australian tape. Thanks to Niko M for sending in a cover scan.

Movie-Censorship also has a comparison between the US R-rated version and uncut version.


Naked Vengeance - Vestron Video [au] VHS FrontNaked Vengeance - Vestron Video [au] VHS Back





Nana, Girl of Pleasure

aka Take Me, Love Me

Directed by Mac Ahlberg / 1970 / France–Sweden / IMDb

In May 1971, a 9855-feet (109:30) print of TAKE ME, LOVE ME was banned because of ‘indecency’. At the time, SOA was the highest classification available.


The Censorship Board began awarding the R-rating in October 1971. However, they were not officially issued until the R classification became operative on November 15 1971.

In October 1971, an 8768-feet (97:41) print of NANA, GIRL OF PLEASURE was censored by 87-feet (00:58) for an R-rating.

We believe it to be the first film ever censored under the new ratings system.



NANA (1971) Klubb Super 8 DVD

Review by Matt
Klubb Super 8 DVD (Sweden)
Onscreen title: NANA
Running time: 96:10 (PAL)

At 40-minutes, the Klubb Super 8’s DVD contains a sex scene between Nana and Georges that appears to have had explicit footage added later. Her hand is shown touching his penis, then holding it as he becomes erect. This is followed by a side view of Georges on top of her. She is shown guiding him into her and him thrusting several times. The extra footage is reasonably well integrated, but the different lighting gives it away.

The Klubb Super 8 site mentions that the film was a flop in Sweden when it first premiered. Ten minutes were then removed before it was re-released. This may explain why in May 1971 it ran 109:30 (as TAKE ME, LOVE ME), but by October it was down to 97:41 (NANA, GIRL OF PLEASURE). I would assume that the above-mentioned inserted footage was not included in the version submitted to the Australian censor.

The sex that remains is very tame, and the 58-seconds of cuts could have come from various softcore sequences. Probably the most explicit is at 70-minutes where Nana’s hand is shown touching Tina’s breast, and following her body down between her legs. I thought that this may have been another insert sequence, but it appears to be part of the original film.

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Nana, Girl of Pleasure (1970) - Blake Films [au] Daybill



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