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Quiet Days in Clichy

Directed by Jens Jorgen Thorsen / 1970 / Denmark / IMDb

In January 1974, a 2346.96-meter (85:33) print of QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY was censored by 35.05-meters (01:16) for an R-rating. The cuts were made to remove 'indecency'. Blake Films released it theatrically.

Another Henry Miller novel, TROPIC OF CANCER (1970), was filmed at the same time as QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY. It also had problems in Australia, and was banned in 1972 because of 'indecency'. It was eventually censored by 01:40 for a 1973 R-rating.



Uncut DVD releases

In November 2005, Stomp Visual had an uncut version passed with an R18+ (High level sex scenes) rating. This disc was a direct port of the 2002 US Blue Underground DVD.

Umbrella Entertainment re-released QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY in 2011. The DVD ran 90:33, and was uncut.

It included the 17:15 Blue Underground extra, DIRTY BOOKS, DIRTY MOVIES (2002), where Barney Rosset talks about running Grove Press. He also discusses the film version of TROPIC OF CANCER (1970), and the censorship problems that QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY and I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW) (1967) had in the US.


Quiet Days in Clichy (1970) - Umbrella Entertainment [au] DVD



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