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The Rock

Directed by Michael Bay / 1996 / USA / IMDb

In June 1996, a 132m 35mm print of THE ROCK was passed with an R18+ (Medium level violence) rating.

Seeking a more commercial rating, Roadshow Film Distributors submitted a censored print. This was passed with an MA15+ (Medium level coarse language; Medium level violence) rating in September 1996. Strangely, the MA15+ version (135m) ran longer than the R18+ version (132m).



THE ROCK: censored MA15+ VHS

In December 1996, Buena Vista Home Entertainment had a 131m videotape passed with an R18+ (Medium level violence) rating. However, Hollywood Pictures Home Video went with the censored 130:40 MA15+ version for video release.



Cut DVD vs. Uncut DVD

In May 1999, Warner Home Video had a DVD passed with an R18+ (Medium level violence) rating. This should have been the full version, but instead the print was sourced from a cut British R2 DVD

Buena Vista Home Entertainment corrected the mistake in 2001 when they released an uncut special edition of THE ROCK. In October 2001, this was again passed with an R18+ (Medium level violence) rating.

For a full explanation of this confusing situation, see Michael D's censorship information page. In addition, GnC Films has produced a video that shows the footage that was removed from the OFLC MA15+ and BBFC 15-rated versions.



Uncut Blu-Ray dropped to MA15+

In June 2007, Buena Vista Home Entertainment had an uncut Blu-Ray disc passed with an MA15+ (Strong coarse language; Strong violence).


The Rock (1996) - Hollywood Pictures Home Video [au] VHSThe Rock (1996) - Warner Home Video [au] DVDThe Rock (1996) - Buena Vista Home Entertainment [au] DVDThe Rock (1996) - Buena Vista Home Entertainment [au] Blu-Ray






Directed by Fredric Hobbs / 1971 / USA / IMDb

In November 1973, a 2523.13-meter (91:58) print of ROSELAND was censored by 56.00-meters (02:02) for an R-rating. The cuts were made to remove 'indecency'.

Regent Trading Enterprises was the applicant.


14th Mandolin had a censored 2221.00-meter (80:57) version passed with an R-rating in January 1979. 


ROSELAND was released on tape in the early 80s by K&C Video. It is unclear which version this was.

Something Weird's US DVD-R runs 87:52 (NTSC).

Image courtesy of John C.


Roseland (1971) - K&C Video [au] VHS





Rosemary's Killer

aka The Prowler

Directed by Joseph Zito / 1981 / USA / IMDb

In December 1982, ROSEMARY'S KILLER was Refused Registration when Video Classics submitted a 2413.8-meter (88:14) print.

The reason given for the ban was violence, which was described as:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: High
Purpose: Gratuitous

In February 1984, Video Classics had an 84:10 tape passed with an R-rating. This censored version was released on the Video Classics Gold label.



X-rated version

In July 1984, Video Classics had a 90m videotape passed with an X-rating.

The X-rating had only been introduced in February 1984. There was a brief period where it was considered not just for sex films, but also for material that was too extreme for R18+. During this time violence could exist in the X18+ category, and films such as CALIGULA, PINK FLAMINGOS, and THE RED NIGHTS OF THE GESTAPO were awarded this rating. Despite pro-censorship groups trying to claim otherwise, the guidelines were soon tightened up to remove violence.

We do not believe that Video Classics ever released an X-rated version of ROSEMARY'S KILLER.



Banned, but passed on appeal

In August 1985, the 84:10 Video Classics Gold tape was banned by the Censorship Board. Once more, the reason given for the ban was violence, which was described as:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: High
Purpose: Gratuitous

An appeal was immediately made to the Review Board. In August 1985, they set aside the decision of the Film Censorship Board, and awarded ROSEMARY'S KILLER an R-rating.



ROSEMARY'S KILLER (1981): Censored Video Classics Gold VHS

Movie-Censorship has details of the cuts to the British version. Although the Video Classic's tape was not as heavily censored, the cuts are to the same scenes as listed below.

Comparison by Daniel S.
The Video Classics tape has always seemed very graphic to me, however there are a number of minor cuts to five of the murders. These are very brief, and it is difficult to tell that footage has been removed. Considering what remains, it is a mystery why the Australian censors even bothered.

The quoted times are the approximate position in the Video Classics tape where the scene begins.


08:30 approx - 2s missing

Before - The killer stabs Roy with the pitchfork, Rosemary screams "No!"

Censored - Shot of the killers boot pushing the pitchfork into Roy's Back.

After/Before - Rosemary screaming "No!"

Censored - Second shot of the killers boot pushing the pitchfork into Roy's Back.

After - Blood is shown gushing from Rosemary's back, followed by a shot of the killers boot (this time uncensored) pushing the pitchfork in even further.


21:15 approx - 3s missing

Before - Carl sits up, the killer grabs him and hold a knife above his head.

Censored - Shot of the blade entering the top of Carl's skull, and exiting through his throat.

After - Shot of Carl struggling with the knife through his head followed by a shot of Sherry in the shower.


22:15 - 3s missing

Before - The killer stabs Sherry in the chest with a pitchfork, her face is shown with blood coming from her mouth.

Censored - Shot of the fork in her chest with blood flowing from the wounds.

After/Before - Shot of the killer using the pitchfork to push Sherry up the wall.

Censored - A second shot of the fork in her chest and blood flowing from the wounds.

After - Shot of Sherry's face as she reaches forward.


48m approx - 5s missing

Before - The killer attacks Lisa in the swimming pool from behind. He cuts her neck with a blade, this is followed by several shots of her legs thrashing around in the water, and of the knife cutting her neck.

Censored - A shot of the killer moving the knife around in her neck.

After - Underwater shot of Lisa's body sinking.


51:30 - 6s missing

Before - The Killer grabs Miss Allision from behind. He stabs her throat with a knife. A shot of the knife in her throat with some blood flowing out.

Censored - Another shot of her throat with much more blood flowing out.

After - Shot of her feet covered with blood.



1986: Censored scenes okay in SCREAM GREATS VOLUME 1: TOM SAVINI (1985)

Showing just how inconsistent they really are, in 1986 the censors passed three previously cut scenes when they were included in the Showcase Video release of SCREAM GREATS VOLUME 1: TOM SAVINI (1985). These were:

See our separate database entry for more information regarding the classification SCREAM GREATS VOLUME 1: TOM SAVINI.



Uncut DVDs

In October 2007, Universal Pictures released a R4 DVD. This 84:36 uncut print was not shown to the Classification Board.

In August 2013, a 186m DVD was passed with an R18+ (Horror violence) rating. Umbrella Entertainment submitted as THE PROWLER. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray in October 2013.

The extended classification information describes,
High impact: Violence
Moderate impact: Themes, nudity
Mild impact: Language, sex


Rosemary's Killer (1981) - Video Classics Gold [au] VHSRosemary's Killer (1981) - Universal Pictures [au] DVDRosemary's Killer (1981) - Umbrella Entertainment [au] Blu-ray





Rossa Venezia

Directed by Andreas Bethmann / 2003 / Germany – Italy / IMDb

The Chopping List reports that a DVD of ROSSA VENEZIA was confiscated by customs in 2004.





RXXX: Prescription for Pain

Produced by Shiyuuta Biwajima and Chikara Niki / 2002 / Japan

This film has never had problems with the Australian censors. It is included because we suspect the distributor censored it prior to submission to the Classification Board.


In September 2007, RXXX: PRESCRIPTION FOR PAIN was passed with an R18+ (High level themes and sex scenes) rating. Siren Visual Entertainment released it on DVD as part of their Hentai Collection in December 2007.

It was re-released as part of THE NURSES COLLECTION box set, which included SEX WARD and NAUGHTY NURSES.

RXXX: PRESCRIPTION FOR PAIN would join a number of other titles in Siren's Hentai collection that were either banned or censored in Australia. See the entry for MY BROTHER'S WIFE for a full listing.




Review by Geoff W.
RXXX: PRESCRIPTION FOR PAIN PART 1 runs 26:39 and looks to be cut. I have not seen the uncut version, and am basing this observation on the end credits which contain footage not in the preceding episode.

Between 25:10 to 25:16 in the end credits of this episode there are shots of Dr Shiozaki having sex with Serika that are not in the actual episode. I believe these have been removed from the following scene.

In the Siren disc between 08:35 and 12:37. Dr Shiozaki has a flashback to when he was treating the teenage Serika as she recovers from a car accident. We then go back to the present when Dr Shiozaki confronts Serika, now a rival Doctor, and she says:

"Stop joking around. I haven't forgotten"

At 09:52 the screen fades as if a flashback should be here.

The Siren version then continues with Dr Shiozaki saying "Hey Serika"

This is followed by another flashback in which we see the nearly recovered Serika. It ends with brief shot of Dr Shiozaki raping her.


RXXX: PRESCRIPTION FOR PAIN PART 2 runs 29:34, and did not look obviously cut.

Extras include three trailers for HOOLIGAN, I LOVE YOU, and LITTLE MONICA.

There is also an art gallery that runs 01:55 which also includes scenes not present in either episode. They involve shots of sex scenes with the other nurses indicating the censorship goes further than just Dr Shiozaki's rape of Serika.

The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification gave this an Objectionable (banned) rating on February 19, 2008. I would hazard a guess that this was the same as the pre-cut Siren Visual version that was released in Australia with an R18+.


RXXX: Prescription for Pain - Siren Visual [au] DVD 1RXXX: Prescription for Pain - Siren Visual [au] DVD 2



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