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Enzai: Falsely Accused

aka ACMA 2009000868 Item 1

Developed by Langmaor / 2002

In August 2009, the following entry appeared in the Classification Board's database.


ACMA 2009000868 ITEM 1 ACMA (Online)
Classification: RC
Consumer Advice:
Category: ACMA - Computer Games
Duration: Variable
Date of Classification: 21/08/2009
Author: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Production Company: N/A
Country of Origin: NOT SHOWN
File Number: T09/4244
Classification Number: 236236


Items submitted by ACMA are listed only as a number, and never by their actual title. This is supposedly to prevent members of the public from adding them to their bookmarks. 


Occasionally, the Classification Board reveal the name of the item. This is what happened with ACMA 2009000868 ITEM 1, which was revealed to be ENZAI: FALSELY ACCUSED in their 2009 to 2010 Annual Report.


The ACMA referred content to the Classification Board which consists of a computer game titled Enzai supplied on a laptop computer. The Anime style game follows the story of a character who is placed in jail and convicted of a murder which he did not commit. Whilst in jail he suffers physical and sexual abuse from guards and other prisoners. The game is primarily an interactive story, however, there are several options to choose between to change the path of the storyline. 

In the Board's view this computer game warrants an RC classification as it contains depictions of sexual violence that depict matters of sex and violence in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that it should not be classified. It also contains descriptions and depictions of child sexual abuse involving a person who is, or who appears to be, a child under 18 years.


Enzai: Falsely Accused - JAST USA [us] PC



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