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I Touch

Developed by JVL Corporation / 2003 

JEA Technologies had this adult arcade game machine banned by the OFLC in November 2003. It was Refused Classification because it offered nudity as an incentive or a reward to interactive gameplay.



I TOUCH: RC-rating

Thanks to Dean L. for sending in the full Classification Board report for the I TOUCH.

Title: I TOUCH
Board Report

Stand alone amusement machine containing eighty games including quizzes, cards, puzzles, action, strategy and skill.


When making Classification decisions the Classification Board (the Board) is required to follow the procedure set out in the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (the Act). The Board is required to apply the National Classification Code and the Classification Guidelines, while taking into account the matters set out in section 11 of the Act.

In the Board’s view, this computer game warrants an RC classification as, in accordance with Part 1(d) of the Computer Games Table of the National Classification Code, it is unsuitable for a minor to see or play.

The nudity available in the Erotic category of games consists of realistic depictions with genital detail and emphasis, touching of genitals and apparent sexual excitement. In the opinion of the Board, such depictions have an impact that exceeds strong and as such, cannot be accommodated at the MA(15+) classification.

In the preamble to the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games it is stated that, "Impact may be higher where a scene...encourages interactivity".

The Guidelines also state the general rule that "except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards".

In the unanimous opinion of the Board this game warrants an RC classification as it offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive gameplay.

This games console contains eighty games, some erotic in content, including "Strip Poker" and "Bubble Bath". In these two examples, when the player successfully proceeds through the game (for example by winning a poker hand or progressing to a higher level of difficulty) , a picture of a fully or partially naked man or woman is displayed on the screen. As the skill level of the player increases, so does the degree of nudity.

For example a woman strips completely naked and is depicted in sexualised poses with genital detail and emphasis. Similarly, the men are shown in various sexualised poses, with genital detail, emphasis and focus.

In the Board’s view, the general rule in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games prohibiting depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward, applies to the game play described above, as the player is shown increasingly detailed amounts of nudity following successful gameplay.


In conclusion, it is the unanimous view of the Board that this game cannot be accommodated at the MA(15+) classification and must be Refused Classification, due to the impact of the nudity depicted, the interactive nature and the use of explicit nudity as an incentive or reward to gameplay.




In 2003, the OFLC also banned SILVERBALL: PRODUCT VERSION 8. This was a similar adult arcade game machine to the I TOUCH.

In that case, the distributors of SILVERBALL: PRODUCT VERSION 8 appealed against the RC-rating and were awarded an M-rating by the Review Board. In comparison, the distributors of the I TOUCH accepted the RC and the machine went unreleased in Australia.

The SILVERBALL case is covered in-depth in our Games Censorship database.


Classification Board and Classification Review Board
Annual Report 2003 to 2004

The Board classified the computer games Silverball and I Touch RC for offering depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play. Silverball and I Touch were submitted in the format of amusement machines containing numerous games including quizzes, puzzles and card games.



I TOUCH: Erotic adult games

Details of the adult erotic games that could be found on the I TOUCH are listed below. These descriptions and images are from the manufacturer's website.



I TOUCH: Bomb Shell game

Bomb Shell
Clear the minefield without tripping any mines.
Use the scissors to uncover the picture and the butterfly to mark a suspected mine.
Hitting a mine costs a player a life.
Numbers specify how many mines border a site.


I Touch: Bomb Shell - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Bubble Bath game

Bubble Bath
Clear the shower of all the colored bubbles.
Touch a group of bubbles of the same color to remove them.
The remaining bubbles will move down to fill the shower.
Remove all the bubbles to see the next picture and to get the score bonus.
You can shuffle the bubbles once by touching “MIX” button.
Get the required score and move on to the next level. Good luck.


I Touch: Bubble Bath - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Carnal Knowledge game

Carnal Knowledge
This game consists of sexually oriented trivia questions and when answering correctly the players opponent reveals more skin.
Score points and bonus playing time for correct answers and speed. Lose time for wrong answers. Press Pass to skip to the next answer.


I Touch: Carnal Knowledge - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Jigsaw Puzzle game

Jigsaw Puzzle
Place all the puzzle pieces in their proper position.
Touch a piece and than touch the desired position.
If correct, it will lock into place.
If incorrect drag the tile to other places until it fits.
Continue until the puzzle is complete.
Earn bonus points for placing the correct piece in the marked position at the beginning of the round.
Bonus points are awarded for speed.


I Touch: Jigsaw Puzzle - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Matching Pairs game

Matching Pairs
Find the hidden pairs of pictures.
At the start of each round, the pairs of images are flashed on the screen for a few seconds.
Then all the pictures are hidden. Touch the screen to identify the matching pairs.
Touching the incorrect photo will cause both images to disappear and time is lost.
Earn bonus points for speed.
Earn bonus points for correctly matching the marked picture at the beginning of the round.
Picture layout changes after every successful round.
Advanced rounds are blind rounds where all the pictures are revealed only after all matches have been made.


I Touch: Matching Pairs - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Sexonix game

Uncover the hidden picture by slicing the board without touching the moving balls.
Move your laser cutter across the screen to block off sections without having a ball touch the line before it reaches the edge of the picture or the edge of a revealed area.
You can change direction vertical or horizontal as the laser cuts.
After uncovering 71% or more of the picture you proceed to the next level.


I Touch: Sexonix - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Sex Type game

Sex Type
Solve the word puzzle in the quickest possible time.
Pick the letters you believe are in the puzzle.
When you know the answer, press Solve.
Earn bonus points for speed.
Earn bonus playing time for each correct solution.
Touch Pass to skip to the next puzzle.
All entries in this game have an explicit sexual meaning or innuendo.


I Touch: Sex Type - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Strip Poker game

Strip Poker
Get your opponent to strip by winning consecutive hands.
Each correct answer reveals more skin or a more provocative pose, while losing hands causes your opponent to dress.
The opponent “speaks” a humorous comment after each winning or losing hand.


I Touch: Strip Poker - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



I TOUCH: Tile-a-Babe game

Complete as many horizontal lines of blocks as possible.
Touch the controls on the bottom right of the screen to rotate, move left, right, and down to push the shape into its place faster.
As rows are completed a picture will be revealed.
When the picture is fully revealed the next round will begin.


I Touch: Tile-a-Babe - JVL Corporation [ca] Arcade Game



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