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Lady Killer

Developed by Yanyaka / 1993 / Giant Bomb

In August 1996, a CD-ROM of the Japanese game LADY KILLER was rated RC by the OFLC. It was most likely banned because of nudity, which was used as an incentive or reward.

The Victorian Police were the applicant.

This YouTube clip provides an example of the tame LADY KILLER gameplay.





Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Developed by High Voltage Software/ 2004 / MobyGames

In September 2004, a censored version of LEISURE SUIT LARRY: MAGNA CUM LAUDE was banned by the OFLC. It was rated RC because of sexual activity related to an incentive or reward, and the player’s ability to access stylised and realistic nudity, obscured and/or simulated sexual activity and sexual references. Vivendi Universal Games was the applicant.


New Leisure Suit Larry game banned, October 6, 2004

Leisure Suit Larry is based around the bumbling journeys of a suit-clad character Larry Lovage who takes part in "extra curricular" activities at college. Larry attempts to woo and have sex with or play sexualised games with a series of female characters, an OFLC report said.

The game was officially refused classification on 9 September.

The report said the computer game contains "obscured and/or implied sexual activity and obscured and partial nudity involving stylised, animated characters."

These depictions occur in "full-motion video sequences" and include instances such as Larry receiving below-screen fellatio from Koko. "Sucking sounds are heard," said the OFLC.

An OFLC spokesperson confirmed that the title had been banned and co



Banned LSL: MAGNA CUM LAUDE was modified

The Futuregamez site managed to get this admission from Vivendi Universal Games.

...the version they submitted to the OFLC was the same cut-down version that America is getting, and not the uncut version which Europe is getting. They will not be releasing it here in Australia.


This YouTube clip is part one of a walkthrough of LEISURE SUIT LARRY: MAGNA CUM LAUDE. This is the uncut and uncensored game. The banned Australian version was already modified.



No more censorship of LEISURE SUIT LARRY

Games, Sex, Politics, Drugs, Censorship and Rock and Roll, January 2005

...OFLC director Des Clark highlights the complexity of the classification guidelines when he says that simply editing out a few scenes may not get a game a new rating: ‘The problem is we deal with context and impact, so [you might edit out some material] but the overall impact may mean it doesn’t get a different rating.’

Indeed, sometimes game publishers decide against editing their games to try to get them through the classification system. Vivendi Universal Games ANZ Marketing Director Colin Brown says Vivendi has no plans to edit and resubmit Leisure Suit Larry: MCL because the sheer amount of editing that would be required would have compromised the game play experience.

‘Sexual themes are woven into the very fabric of what the Leisure Suit Larry brand is about,’ he says. ‘VUG feels that, by removing a significant part of the sexual content, the game would be less fun to play.’



Uncut LEISURE SUIT LARRY ready for import

The games conundrum, February 23, 2005

A spokesperson for the OFLC says that although games that have been refused classification do have to be removed from sale, the specific laws varied from state to state.

'In some states it's illegal to sell them, in other states its illegal to possess them,' he says. While some Australian retailers are risking up to two years in jail or fines up to $24,000 for selling imported copies of banned games, online stores are another avenue for people to obtain games that have been banned from sale in Australia.

'The internet has made it easier for people to order these things inadvertently or on purpose,' says an Australian Customs Service spokesman. 'There's a reasonable degree of people assuming that what they can buy on the net is legal to import'.

Computer games were but a 'very small fraction' of the media being seized by Customs, he says. 'It tends to be DVDs - standard movies and soft porn.' Commercial quantities were not tending to be imported either, he added.

'The bulk of what we see is personal importation of one or two items, either mailed or in luggage.' When an OFLC Review Board refused classification to Rockstar's Manhunt game late last year, it released a guideline for retailers advising them that the game and all related advertising had to be withdrawn immediately. It also stipulated that the ban also applied to online stores.

However, some games stores that ship internationally may provide a loophole for Australian buyers. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude was also recently banned in Australia, but the online store for its publishers, Vivendi Universal, has shipping options to Australia.

The website advertises 'full nudity and sex scene footage not seen in the original version' to purchasers over 18 years of age. The online order form, which converts the currency into Australian dollars, is hosted by the Vivendi Universal Games store.

Vivendi Universal was unable to provide clarification on its policy about shipping the Leisure Suit Larry game to Australian buyers by the time CRN went to press.



LEISURE SUIT LARRY Censorship: Complaints and comments

Classification Board & Classification Review Board
Annual Report 2004-2005
Classification Board
Computer Games

The Classification Board classified the computer games Singles Flirt Up Your Life and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude RC for sexual activity related to an incentive or reward. Additionally, in regard to the computer game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude the classification reflected the player’s ability to access stylised and realistic nudity, obscured and/or simulated sexual activity and sexual references increasing the impact above strong.


Classification Board & Classification Review Board
Annual Report 2004-2005
Classification Board
Computer games – complaints

The OFLC received 298 complaints about computer games including 153 complaints about the absence of an R18+ classification for computer games. Another 72 complaints related to concerns that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was edited by the distributor to obtain an MA15+ classification, while 16 complaints related to concerns that Half Life 2 (MA15+) would be classified RC. A further 16 complaints protested the RC decision for the computer game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. There is some overlap between the figures quoted above as some people raised several of these issues in the one item of correspondence.




In February 2009, LEISURE SUIT LARRY: BOX OFFICE BUST was passed with an MA15+ (Frequent sexual references and coarse language) rating. Atari Australia was the applicant. In their Annual Report, the Classification Board attempted to explain why they had treated it more leniently than the previous game.

MA15+ Games
Classification Board Annual Report 2008-2009

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust was classified MA 15+ for 'Frequent sexual references and coarse language'. The Classification Board noted that there were frequent sexual references in the game with no interactivity, which were of a strong impact. The Classification Board was of the opinion that sexualised coarse language in the computer game warranted additional consumer advice.


Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - Vivendi Universal Games [us] Xbox



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