Swedish Films

Movies from Sweden that were cut or banned in Australia.

Pre-November 1971 decisions are here.

As the Naked Wind from the Sea

Directed by Gunnar Höglund / 1968 / Sweden – West Germany / IMDb

In August 1970, a 9447-feet (104:58) print of AS NAKED AS THE WIND FROM THE SEA was banned because of ‘indecency’.

At the time, the highest classification was SOA (Suitable only for Adults). This was broadly equivalent to an M-rating.

Too explicit for an R-rating

Liberalisation of the Australian censorship system took place in November 1971. This resulted in a resubmission of the 9447-feet (104:58) dubbed version.

As the Naked Wind from the Sea (1968) - Australian daybill movie poster 1
Daybill via Mark S.

AS NAKED AS THE WIND FROM THE SEA passed with an R-rating in May 1972 after 64-feet (00:42) of ‘indecency’ was censored.

As the Naked Wind from the Sea (1968) - Australian admat 1
Admat – Nov. 1973 – Canberra

Blake Films were the applicant.


Directed by Arne Mattsson / 1970 / Sweden – Yugoslavia / IMDb

In December 1972, a 2560.32-meter (93:20) print of ANYBODY’S was banned because of ‘indecency’. This running time is considerably shorter than the Swedish release.

This decision was upheld by the Film Board of Review later in the month.

A 2563.90-meters (93:27) version passed with an R-rating in March 1974.

In all cases, Blake Films was the applicant.

Worldwide versions compared

Matt reports.
According to the Swedish Film Database ANN OCH EVE – DE EROTISKA was passed by their censor in May 1970. The print ran 3005-meters (109:32), 15-minutes longer than the Australian version.

A cut 94:00 version, also titled ANYBODY’S, was passed by the British Board of Film Censorship with an X-rating in July 1970.

The 2008 Danish DVD from Another World Entertainment has a running time of 105-minutes (PAL). When converted, this appears to be the uncut version. However, reviews mention the application of optical fogging to censor much of the sex, including the lesbian bedroom scene.

Something Weird Video issued it under the American theatrical title of ANNE AND EVE. This version does not have the fogging but is in worse shape than the DVD and reportedly has the last two reels out of order.

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