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1960s American horror movies, cut and banned before the November 1971 liberalisation of the Australian censorship system.

Pit and the Pendulum

Directed by Roger Corman / 1961 / USA / IMDb

Date: 09-1970 / Rated: Banned / Length: 7273 feet / Time: 80:49 / Reason: violence and indecency

Date: 12-1970 / Appeal: Against rejection / Length: 7273 feet / Time: 80:49 / Result: Appeal dismissed by Review Board

Date: 01-1971 / Rated: SOA / Length: 7162 feet / Time: 79:35 / Comment: Reconstructed version

Post-November 1971 rating

In the early 1980s, Publishing and Broadcasting Video released PIT AND THE PENDULUM on their Star Video label.

Communications and Entertainment received an M-rating for an 80-minute tape in September 1985.

MGM Home Entertainment Group (Australasia) had a DVD classified M (Medium level violence, Horror themes) in October 2004.

Premature Burial

Directed by Roger Corman / 1962 / USA / IMDb

Date: 11-1970 / Rated: SOA / Length: 7321 feet / Time: 81:21 / Censored by 00:21 / Reason: violence

Post-November 1971 rating

Communications and Entertainment received an M-rating for a 180-minute tape in August 1985. It was released on their Playaround Video label on a double-bill with FROGS (1972).

Shock had a DVD classified M (Mature themes) in January 2009.

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula

Directed by William Beaudine / 1966 / USA / IMDb

Date: 08-1970 / Rated: A / Length: 6755 feet / Time: 75:03 / Censored by 00:10 / Reason: violence

Post-November 1971 rating

In May 1985, Communications and Entertainment received an M-rating for an 80-minute videotape. Publishing and Broadcasting Video released it on their Embassy Home Entertainment label.

Love in Cold Blood

aka Passion Pit

Directed by Stuart E. McGowan / 1969 / USA / IMDb

Date: 11-1970 / Rated: Banned / Length: 3200 feet / Time: 88:53 / Reason: violence and indecency / Comment: 16mm print

Post-November 1971 rating

In July 1974, a 2500.00-meter (91:08) print was passed with an R-rating.

The Film Censorship Board did not appear to be aware they had previously seen the film. This may be because the applicant, Natan Scheinwald Productions, had retitled it PASSION PIT.

Rosemary’s Baby

Directed by Roman Polanski / 1969 / USA / IMDb

The original theatrical release was censored for a ‘Suitable only for Adults’ rating.

Rosemary's Baby (1969) - Australian daybill movie poster 1
Daybill via moviemem

Censored footage

Shane Harrison reports.
Paramount Home Entertainment (us) – DVD – 136:34 (NTSC)

All the visual cuts came from the nightmare sequence where Rosemary (Mia Farrow) ‘dreams’ of being raped by the devil. I do not know if there were any dialogue cuts in the film.

Censored at 45:46 by 00:04 – A view from the top of a naked Rosemary lying on the bed looking to the back of the room. The naked devil worshippers are standing in the shadows around the bed.

Censored at 46:03 by 00:05 – Rosemary having a pentagram painted on her naked body.

Censored at 46:18 by 00:03 – A pan up her naked torso.

Censored at 46:50 by 00:06: Rosemary having her feet tied to the ends of the bed.

Censored at 47:15 by 00:14 – The devil stroking her breasts and mounting her.

Censored at 47:53 by 00:26 – Rosemary begging for forgiveness while the devil thrusts on top of her.

I viewed the ‘Suitable for Adults Only’ version three times over a two-year period. This sequence appeared to be a reconstruction as the cuts were not obvious and the scene flowed evenly. It appeared as if the camera avoided nudity and any explicit depiction of the assault as part of its style. The cut version fitted in seamlessly with the disjointed style of the dream.

Post-November 1971 rating

Resubmitted by CIC-TAFT Video and passed with an M-rating in May 1985. The tape ran 129-minutes.

In July 2001, Paramount Home Entertainment had a DVD passed with an M (Horror themes, Adult themes, Medium level violence) rating.