Canadian Films

Canadian movies, cut and banned before the November 1971 liberalisation of the Australian censorship system.

The Fox

Directed by Mark Rydell / 1967 / Canada / IMDb

The original theatrical release was censored for a ‘Suitable only for Adults’ rating.

Censored footage

Shane Harrison reports.
Ellen (Anne Heywood) masturbating and her later sex scene with Paul (Keir Dullea) were both trimmed by the censor.

Censored at 11:15 by 00:06 – Full-length view of a naked Ellen rubbing lotion on her raised leg.

Censored at 11:44 by 01:09 – After wiping lotion over her body, Ellen switches the light off. The continuation of the scene, where she finishes masturbating to climax, was completely removed. Despite the censorship, what remained made it obvious what was going on, which made it a daring scene for 1968.

Censored at 88:53 – While Jill (Sandy Dennis) runs through the snow hysterical, Ellen and Paul have sex in a barn. The scene is tastefully shot, with the camera focusing only on their head and shoulders as it intercuts between them and Jill. The intercutting gets faster as the sex act builds, finally hitting its crescendo as Ellen orgasms. A number of the views of the sex were removed, destroying the sexual build-up process inherent in the editing style.

THE FOX was released in Australia in late 1968 with Ellen and Jill’s famous lesbian kiss left uncut. It was the first of three boundary-pushing lesbian-themed films. The other two being THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE (1968) and THERESE AND ISABELLE (1968), both of which had problems with the Australian censor.

During the 1970s, THE FOX screened uncut on Australian TV numerous times. Unlike at the cinema, it played unmatted which revealed more nudity during Ellen’s masturbation scene. At the time, TV audiences benefited from many unmatted screenings, including one that exposed Jean Simmons’s masking tape during her bedroom scene in LIFE AT THE TOP (1965).


Directed by Robin Spry / 1970 / Canada / IMDb

November 1970 / Rated: SOA / Length: 7907 feet / Time: 87:51 / Censored by 00:07 / Reason: indecent language

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