Andy Warhol’s Films

Andy Warhol’s movies that have been cut or banned in Australia.

On two of these, Warhol acted only as a producer or executive producer.


Directed by Paul Morrissey / 1968 / USA / IMDb

In October 1971, a 7700-feet (85:33) print of FLESH was banned by the Film Censorship Board. The reason given was ‘indecency’.

Eric Dare was the applicant.

The Board began awarding the R-rating in October 1971. However, they were not officially issued until the new system became operative on 15 November 1971.

This would make FLESH to be one of the first films to be banned.

5 years late

In July 1973, a 2250.60-meter (82:02) print was passed with an R-rating. There is no mention of this version being censored; however, the running time is several minutes shorter than the original submission. This indicates that it may have been precut.

Blake Films was the applicant.

Video releases

In August 1984, Palace Home Video had an 85:24 (PAL) tape passed with an R-rating.

Flesh (1968) - VHS videotape 1
VHS – Palace

They released it as part of THE WARHOL COLLECTION, along with TRASH (1970) and HEAT (1972).

In the late 1990s/early 2000s, a ‘no name’ label issued FLESH on VHS.

Flesh (1968) - VHS videotape 2
VHS – No Name label

The MA-rating on the cover was fake.

Multiple DVDs

In the early 2000s, FLESH was issued on DVD by Force Entertainment. That version ran 89:28 (NTSC).

Flesh (1968) - DVD cover 1
DVD – Force

Soon after, Force repackaged it as part of a seven-film boxset titled THE ANDY WARHOL COLLECTION.

Flesh (1968) - DVD cover 2
DVD – Force

This also included Paul Morrisey’s TRASH (1970), WOMEN IN REVOLT (1971), HEAT (1972), FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (1973), BLOOD FOR DRACULA (1974) and MADAME WANG’S (1981).

In the mid-2000s, Beyond Home Entertainment released it as part of a WARHOL TRIPLE FEATURE boxset which included TRASH (1970) and HEAT (1972).

Flesh (1968) - DVD cover 3
DVD – Beyond Home Ent.

In February 2014, Shock Entertainment reissued FLESH on DVD.

Flesh (1968) - DVD cover 4
DVD – Shock

It was part of their Cinema Cult range.

None of these DVDs has any consumer advice as they are still using the R-rating that was awarded back in August 1984.

Lonesome Cowboys

Directed by Andy Warhol / 1968 / USA / IMDb

In July 1973, a 1120.16-meter (102:05) 16mm print of LONESOME COWBOYS was cut by 8.53-meters (00:46) because of ‘indecency’.

House of Dare was the applicant.

Viva is molested

Matt reports.
104:36 (NTSC) – No opening credits. Title is shown only at the end of the film.
Presumably, the 00:46 of cuts would have been made to the attack on Viva (Ramona D’Alvarez).

The scene begins when she arrives on horseback and orders the five gay cowboys to get off her ranch. At 51:30 she gets down off her horse, is tackled to the ground and her top is torn off. The cowboys then proceed to grope and molest her until approximately 56:00. The sequence was controversial because it appears D’Alvareza was uncomfortable during the filming. The Warholstars site has more about this scene, including excerpts of the FBI’s file on Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol’s Bad

aka Bad

Directed by Jed Johnson / 1977 / USA / IMDb

In July 1977, a 2852.78-meter (103:59) print of ANDY WARHOL’S BAD was censored by 13.90-meters (00:30) for an R-rating. The cuts were made to remove ‘indecent violence’.

Greater Union Organisation Film Distributors was the applicant.

Likely cuts

Simon reports.
Image Entertainment (us) – Laserdisc – 105:27 (NTSC)
Greater Union Organisation (au) – Original submission – 103:59 – May be precut

Presumably, some of the ‘indecent violence’ was removed from the infamous scene, at 79:45, when a mother picks up her screaming baby and throws him from a high-rise. The camera follows the falling body and shows a woman being covered with blood when it hits the pavement. The blood of the corpse is then sniffed by a dog. The sequence is so over the top that it would not be out of place in a Troma movie.

There are other scenes of violence, such as a man crushed under a car and his finger cut off (24:00), a dog being stabbed (72:00) and L.T. (Perry King) shaking an autistic child and throwing him against the wall (94:00).

At 49:00, very brief hardcore images are shown when L.T. and the girl are shown reading a pornographic magazine.