German Films

Movies from Germany that were cut or banned in Australia.

Pre-November 1971 decisions are here.

Love by Rape

Directed by Roger Fritz / 1970 / West Germany / IMDb

In November 1971, an 8172-feet (90:48) print of LOVE BY RAPE was banned because of ‘indecency and excessive violence’.

Consolidated Exhibitors were the applicant.

What indecency & violence?

Matt reports.
Subkultur Entertainment (de) – 2015 – Blu-ray as MÄDCHEN MIT GEWALT – 97:46
These scenes likely contributed to the ban.

45:00 & 76:30 – Werner (Klaus Löwitsch) assaults Alice (Helga Anders).

90:30 – Mike (Arthur Brauss) stabs Werner in the leg.

The US release shortened and retitled it to THE BRUTES before resissuing it as CRY RAPE. This 81:34 version is also on Subkultur’s Blu-ray.