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Movies from Indonesia that have been cut or banned in Australia.

Riki Rhino

Directed by Erwin Budiono / 2020 / Indonesia / IMDb

On 10 October 2022, an 88-minute Digital Video of RIKI RHINO was passed with an M (Occasional coarse language) rating.

The classification matrix described,
Moderate impact: language
Mild impact: themes, violence
None: drug use, nudity, sex

A censored version, also running 88-minutes, was passed with a PG (Mild themes and animated violence) rating on October 27.

In both cases, Jigsaw Entertainment was the applicant.

The classification matrix was the same, apart from the language which went from ‘Moderate impact’ to ‘None’.

The themes and violence in the ‘More information about the content of this film’ section were also the same. The M-rated version describes the use of the word ‘screwed’, as well as an instance of ‘implied strong coarse language’. The PG version made no mention of any language issues.

Classification Board Reports – M vs. PG

October 10, 2022
Reasons for the Decision

The classifiable element is language that is moderate in viewing impact.

The examples described below do not represent an exhaustive list of the content that caused the film to be classified M. The times given are approximations.


Coarse language may be used. Aggressive or strong coarse language should be infrequent and justified by context.

The film contains use of coarse language that is moderate in impact. It includes the word ‘screw’ and a single use of implied strong coarse language that is justified by context.

At 21 minutes, Riki says to Beni, “We’re definitely screwed then”.

At 36 minutes, Beni and Riki have narrowly avoided being dive-bombed by a flock of gulls. Beni jumps off Riki’s back, raises his fist to the sky and declares, “Flucking seagulls! You give birds a bad name.”

The word is emphasised and both the ‘f’ and ‘ucking’ parts of the word are very clearly enunciated. Moreover, the delivery of the line clearly indicates that this is a play on the word ‘fucking’ and, in the Board’s view, the replacement word is not as removed from its coarse language soundalike in the way that, for example, the equivalent word ‘flocking’ might have been. In the Board’s opinion, this incongruous use of language exceeds what can be accommodated within the PG classification.

In the Board’s opinion, the overall impact of coarse language within the context of this film exceeds mild and therefore warrants an M classification.


The Board notes that the film contains themes and violence that can be accommodated within a lower classification.

This film is classified M with consumer advice of occasional coarse language.

– Classification Board report

October 27, 2022
RIKI RHINO is a modified version of a previously classified animated film about a young Sumatran rhinoceros who has his horn removed by a poacher and sets off to retrieve it with the help of his jungle friends.

Reasons for the Decision

The classifiable elements are themes and violence that are mild in viewing impact.


The Board notes that a version of this film was previously classified M with consumer advice of occasional coarse language on October 10, 2022.


This film is classified PG with consumer advice of mild themes and animated violence.

– Classification Board report

Censored DVD

The PG-rated DVD was released on December 7.

Riki Rhino (2020) - DVD cover 1
DVD – Jigsaw

What language was modified?

Australia Movie & TV Censorship reports.
38:00 – Beni says ‘Psycho seagulls’ rather than ‘Flucking seagulls’.

Riki Rhino (2020) - Beni saying ‘Psycho seagulls’
Censored – Audio

‘Screwed’ is mentioned in the M-rated report but not the PG. Despite this, ‘Oh, well, in that case, we’re definitely screwed then’, remains uncut at 22:00 in the PG version.