British Films of 1971

British movies made in 1971, cut and banned before the November 1971 liberalisation of the Australian censorship system.


Directed by Ralph Thomas / 1971 / UK / IMDb

Date: 06-1971 / Appeal: Against refusal of the Film Censorship Board to register / Length: 9099 feet / Time: 101:06 / Result: Decision of the Film Censorship Board confirmed /

Comment: Reviewed at the direction of the Minister; decisions of the Film Censorship Board and Film Board of Review overruled under Regulation 40 of the Customs (Cinematograph Films) Regulations. Registration of the film therefore withdrawn.

Date: 06-1971 / Rated: Banned / Length: 9099 feet / Time: 101:06 / Reason: indecency

A catalyst for an R-rating

January 11, 1977
The only higher appeal [than the Films Board of Review] is that direct to the Minister (the Attorney-General of Australia) —and he may intervene under Regulation 40 of the Customs (Cinematograph Films) Regulations.

Since January 1971, there have been four [PERCY (1971), THE DEVILS (1971), SKYJACKED (1972), and LANGUAGE OF LOVE (1969)] Ministerial interventions under this regulation:

(a) PERCY June 16, 1971: The Minister (Mr D.L. Chipp) directs the Chief Film Censor to withdraw the certificate of registration dated May 25, 1971, adding that he would be prepared to agree to film’s registration after introduction of the “R” certificate.

– How Australian Film Censorship Works
– Janet Strickland, Deputy-Chief Censor
– Cinema Papers No. 11

Post-November 1971 rating

Resubmitted by BEF Film Distributors Australia and passed with an R-rating in October 1971. The print ran 9099-feet (101:06), the same length as the version that was previously banned.

In June 1985, Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment submitted a VHS and received an M-rating. The tape ran 97-minutes.

Say Hello to Yesterday

Directed by Alvin Rakoff / 1971 / UK / IMDb

Date: 10-1971 / Rated: A / Length: 8226 feet / Time: 91:24 / Censored by 00:25 / Reason: indecent language

Say Hello to Yesterday (1971) - Australian daybill movie poster 1
Daybill via moviemem

The daybill lists SAY HELLO TO YESTERDAY as being rated NRC (Not recommended for children). This is because it was released after the 15 November 1971 introduction of the revised system when NRC replaced the A-rating.